Friday, June 24, 2011

Is My Boyfriend Gay ??

Here are a few signs your boyfriend might be gay that you should really look at:
- Your man has a far better sense of style than you do when it comes to clothes, shoes and home furnishings.
- He listens to showtunes or Cher and Madonna are his favorite singers.
- He works as, or is going to school for: visual merchandiser, interior decorator, florist,    event planner, ballet dancer, piano bar singer, beautician, CEO of a major fashion or cosmetics label, or works at Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue or Barney's
- He has had more manicures and facials in the last year than you have in your entire life.
- He is absolutley obsessed with celebrity gossip.
- You can have a conversation about the awful dress actress wore to the Oscars.
- He owns more designer clothes than you do, handbags included.
- He is always renting chickflicks and crying during them.
- You go out to a bar and he orders a cosmopolitan
- He wears make-up
- He has more skin care products than you do.
- He has a hard time touching you in an intimate way.
- You find him in bed with another man! DUH!
P/Syou can take this or leave this information but these are very good ways to tell if your boyfriend or ex boyfriend was gay...I hope this helps! goodluck GIRLS... haha but for me gays, lesbians or normal we still HUMAN..right ???