Monday, March 21, 2011

Article Review : ONLINE FRIEND RAPES 17-YEAR-OLD !!!!

       I read an article regarding Shiva Devnath who rapes his online friend, a 17-year-old in Mumbai. The student claimed that Shiva called her to come to his house as she needed help in completing her assignment. Unfortunately when she returned again to his home the next day, she was raped at knife-point and was locked for one night. I really hope case like this does not happen in Malaysia.  
            Nowdays, we know that social networking such as Facebook is a common surfed on the internet by today’s generation. Throughout the past, we had social networking sites which did not make it uphold a longer life than those which have ended up being very popular. One of these popular social networks is Facebook which has over millions of members connecting with friends every day with new members joining daily. It is a theme which simply cannot be laid to rest like  Facebook, MySpace and others make the news every few weeks with yet another tale of a personal profile gone wrong such as personal privacy, personal security, copyright theft, pornography,and identity theft which adds a reason why it is so popular. Facebook helps you connect yourself with friends that you might have not seen for many years and those who now live in another part of the world. Despite the good uses of Facebook, it has its disadvantages. If you’re not a user of Facebook yet, you will soon realise yourself the problems that Facebook can cause. That is happen to Rossy, a first-year-student of the mass media course at Swami Vivekanand College, Chembur who have been raped by Mishra, a third-year-student of Management Studies course also from the same college.
            For Facebook it is simple example like what a person publishes on their profile page, what they write on their Wall, what they upload to the albums is a matter for those individuals and no one else. It is a matter of free choice, and Facebook is not designed, they claim, to intervene in any way. All information entered is from the people themselves, it is voluntary and, as such, each person must be prepared to take all reasonable precautions to ensure their own security, to ensure that what they publish is suitable for all.
            As a conclusion, Facebook does not have to be all bad.  We need to be very selective in the information we share with others, and we should not rely on Facebook as our main social tool.

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