Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just Go with It... Best !!!!

Must Watch !!!
          Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) as a plastic surgeon with Katherine Murphy (Jennifer Aniston) as his office assistant. In his off-hours, Sandler is a womanizer who wears a fake wedding ring to pick up hot girls who seem to be attracted to married men. When he meets Decker he is not wearing his ring, yet she falls for him anyway. When she discovers the ring in his pants pocket, she flips out. She is one of those girls who does not want to have an affair with a married man.
             So Sandler makes up a fake wife and family that he is in the process of divorcing. Decker wants to meet his soon-to-be-ex-wife. Sandler asks if they could meet through texting. But Decker wants to meet her in person. So Sandler asks Aniston to play that role in an elaborate scheme that goes wildly out of control.
            Those scenes include a surprisingly comedic performance by Nicole Kidman (Devlin Adams) as an old rival of Aniston’s. It’s here that Kidman reminds us what a great comic actor she is, and makes us wish she would do more comedy in the future. A scene with Kidman and Aniston in a hula-girl contest is so hilariously funny it almost belongs in another movie.
~ I watched this movie with Affie Shawal, Nad and Bab =') ~


  1. good movie eh? Should catch it soon hehe

  2. cak: terbaik kot cita ni..ak suka..hahha

  3. aiman: yes...good movie...mesti tonton..hehe