Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mirmo Zibang

I know this sounds childish... But I don't care. I just love it!

Ever watch a Japanese anime series entitled 'Mirmo Zibang'? I have no idea but I'm in love with the main character ever since I laid my eyes on him...
This little guy here is a Muglox. And he's the guy I'm in love with.  awww !!!

His name is Mirmo Zibang. According to the story, a muglox is a love fairy. Haha... I know, he doesn't look like a fairy at all. And the connection between the human world and the muglox world is through mugs. Each of the muglox has their own mugs.

Yes, he is this big only. Hehe... And the girl holding him is Katie.
Anyway, he's the prince in his muglox world and his duty is to tied up the relationship of Dylan with his master, Katie.
Other muglox:
Rima: Mirmo's fiancee.
Mulu: Mirmo's younger brother
Yatch: Mirmo's opponent
Warmo gang: The bad guys, very troublesome.
p/s : Imagine I can have Mirmo too... How good will that be... 
And he's just so cute!!Hehe... =')

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